Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Sold? I hope so.

Guess what, I've sold some tote bags, well I don't actually have any money for them but they will be sold, or so I'm told.

I have today passed on six bags that have kind of been pre ordered - hooray. Mind you I've gone through a lot of fabric, so maybe I will not go out just yet and spend, spend, spend.

I'm really pleased with them though, I even made little lavender sachets and put one inside each bag, together with homemade labels. Hopefully the added touches will be appreciated and I should find out on Thursday how they go down. 

By the way, there are six, not five as in the photograph, one is a duplicate.

On Friday I'm picking up a work table. I've no idea what it looks like but its free and will run along one wall of my craft area, otherwise known as my very small conservatory. My moaning the other day has definitely paid off as I now also have some storage for my fabrics.

For a long time I've had a painted chest of drawers in storage that needed stripping. Unfortunately, once the gloss layers had been removed it became apparent that the pine underneath had been stained. A bit of a blow, as its a real pain and a lot of work to get back to the original wood once someone has done this to a piece of furniture. So Roy worked really hard on the top to get it right back to the good wood and between us we decided to leave the rest of it part stripped and waxed the lot. Definitely shabby chic, or a mess, whichever way you look at it, but I really like it just how the way it is.

Can you see my attic24 birdie decoration I made last week? Rhiannon said the eyes on mine look like dead fish eyes, due to the white buttons and she is right.

I've also designed a new headband.

The daisy headband

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  1. Gorgeous bags, I love bags.. need plenty for various knitting projects lol

    Found your blog through your lovely comment on my scarf on Flickr.. thank you.. love your goodies you have in your shop too.. clever you!

    Happy crafting
    Pixie x