Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Woodland walk

We took Bertie out for her first run in the woods today, as I wanted to catch the bluebells before they all went over. I think we only made it just in time as they were looking slightly on the ragged side, but from a little  distance still beautiful.

We even took a basket in case the Elderflowers were ready, but we were a little too early yet and will have to go again next week - oh dear another afternoon in the woods what a chore.  Mind you saying that I am actually going back to work on Monday for a few weeks, ahh they miss me, can't do without me, but not too sure I miss them quite as much, but hey ho bills to pay.

 Anyway elderflower champagne is on the agenda, together with some wild strawberry and elderflower jam, providing they all ripen at the same time, which now looks pretty promising.

Did you know that sticky weed (goose grass or cleaver, however you know it) actually sticks to dogs too? I didn't until today.

Arthur had a great time introducing Bertie to the joys of puddles and streams as well, but at least she is small enough for a shower in the bath.  Whereas poor old Arthur is a bit neurotic about certain things and one of his things is not walking up any steps of any description, so its the hose in the garden for him, good job its warm today. 


  1. Brilliant! A little, wet goose-dog : ) So sweet. And how good of your older hound to show her all the tricks ...

    Lovely pics too - esp. like the fern close up.

  2. Such lovely photos of such a lovely place. You are so lucky to still have the woods as they should be. Ours is now full of houses and people who don't understand that certain things just don't belong...manicured, over fertilised, boring green lawns and silly looking trees shaped into stars and moons!!!
    the dogs are a hoot....the older one so patient with the pup.
    Have a great week end....