Sunday, 3 January 2010

An afternoon in London

Yesterday we went to London to go to the the theatre in Covert Gardens, 8 of us in all and some time for dinner and looking at the craft stalls. I have had the above beetles for a very long time. Imagine my delight when the same stall is still in the same place, obviously then I had to buy another one. See below, one day it might even get onto the wall.
Next we found the Whittakers shop, so I had to buy these handpainted bowls, who wouldn't they were reduced to £3.00 each. Lovely bright, colourful pasta/salad bowls, all ready for my diet. Oh and I also bought 2 mugs as well.
So today we went to the Home Grange Craft Village to have a look around. Couldn't get Emily out of the craft supply shop so we left her there and carried on looking around the rest of the units. She did catch up with us eventually though, maybe the man at the till thought she might move in and asked her to leave. Next onto KA International where they have the best curtain and upholstery fabrics for sale, very expensive though, I go in for little remnants for bag making purposes. You can get a piece for a couple of pounds, but instead of that I brought the fantastic blanket below, yes much more that £2.00 but it was still a bargain in the sale, well thats what I tell myself although I dont think its quite true.

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