Saturday, 16 January 2010


This is Arthur, our twelve year old Lab. A real house dog, who loves nothing more that putting his head on your knee and having his chin scratched. Imagine then his shock when he went out into the garden the night the snow was a foot deep, only to be forgotten about until the morning. How could his best friend have done that to him? What had he done wrong? Did nobody love him anymore?

Well his best friend was mortified, yes she did love him and he hadn't done anything wrong and she was so sorry. So sorry in fact that she tried to get in his bed with him, to warm him up, sat on his foot and made him yelp - 'crumbs I must have been really bad to be punished this much', he must have thought.

So we wrapped him up, kept our eye on him all day and he was fine, extremely tired but fine.

If Arthur was like any normal dog he would have barked to be let in, but barking for him is a rare occurrence. He only ever barks occasionally if there's a knock on the door from somebody unknown and then the whole household jumps out of their skin. Good for us, but maybe not so good for him! And on the plus side when you let him out at night now, there's no more dilly dallying around, he comes in like a shot.

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