Sunday, 10 January 2010

Wedding update

This weekend was set aside to make the first fruit layer of the wedding cake, which then gives it two months to improve and be feed with lots more alcohol.  We were going to have two layers pound cake and one fruit, however as it has now turned out we have four fruit. Excellent no last minute cake baking the week before the actual day!

The recipe I followed was for an eight inch round cake, but as it worked out there was enough mixture for the six inch layer as well. I decided then that as I still had lots of ingredients I'd carry on and do the ten inch layer in fruit as well.  So I up get this morning to cook another cake and this time I thought I had learnt my lesson and followed the recipe for a nine inch cake. Guess what, I still some left overs, so I slip and slide my way over to Kim's in the car, to borrow a four inch round tin, perfect all the mixture used and my house smells great.

There we go four layers of wedding cake in sizes 4, 6, 8 & 10 inches.  However the marzipan and icing are going to cost a bomb!

So here they are ready for storage and their weekly feeding of brandy or rum, haven't quite decided yet.  Oh and then the marzipan, icing and decorating. Lets just hope the taste ok on the day.

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