Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Snow day

This is the scene greeting me this morning, beautiful. But it would be much more beautiful if I didn't live within walking distance to work and could get snowed in, like the rest of Berkshire.

Still i'm all dressed up in my skiing gear; thermals, skiing gloves, skiing jacket, Jourdans silly but very warm green hat and an old pair of wellington boots that are 3 sizes too big for me, but hey somethings got to fit round these calves. And at least having had the benefit of the most terrifying week of my life, skiing in France has now benefited me in some way, I may not be the best skier, but I am certainly, this morning, the silliest dressed woman in Bracknell.

So onto work. It was extremely tough going walking through all that new snow, like running on dry sand, but I got to the town centre in the end. Obviously I wasn't the first there and looking at the bench someone else must have found it hard work too. Nothing like a nice sit down to rest those weary feet for a while. And before you ask, no its not my bottom print.

So after not a full day at work, all three of us that ventured in went home again after further downfalls. Nearly home and a new blizzard has arrived. I think this may be it now until Friday but judging by the temperatures it won't be melting in the mean time, so we'll see how many make it in tomorrow.

Oh and by the way, the chickens wouldn't even try to leave their coop today, not so silly after all are they?

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