Sunday, 7 March 2010

Buttons and Pearls

Its been quite a busy weekend and I seem to have spent most of it in the kitchen.

Yesterday morning was given up to collecting bridesmaids dresses, having three dress fittings and alterations made, including mine and ordering the last piece to complete Rhiannons bridal wear for the big day.

When I came home I finally started having ago at making the cake decorations I have been putting off, even though I bought the bits for it weeks ago. So pearls first, what a boring monotonous job that is. I gave up after a couple of hours rolling the balls and tried to pearlise the first lot. Not very happy with them actually, as they just looked like the had been dipped in glitter.

So today I had another go using some vodka and mixing the pearling power in it and they do look much better than before. I made a lot more too, not perfectly round but they are more or less the some size......

I'm not sure if many will be used at all now but at least they are done and dusted, literally ha ha, if we do need them.

Onto the buttons and I think these are going to be harder than I envisaged and much more time consuming. But they don't have to look perfect do they, after all they are edible not wearable?


Rhiannon has also made the little bouquet to go on the top of the cake, so finally really on a roll now with everything.

Oh and I have also today made a lemon drizzle loaf and another banana loaf - crumbs i'm turning into a domestic goddess.  Just as well as only two weeks left at work.

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