Sunday, 28 March 2010

Hair trials

Its 5 days until the wedding and we still don't know exactly whats happening with hair. Rhiannon had one trial a little while ago and the back was lovely, Perfect, but not the front.

So last night my niece Holly came over again for another go. This time the front looked great and actually so did the back, but it not want Rhiannon wants. She doesn't want the American prom queen look, just something elegant, which the first trial did give her at the back. Its Rhiannons big, big day and it has to be perfect and to be honest I do agree with her.

So thats Rhiannon sorted to a point - a mixture of the two trials.

Then it was my turn. Now my hair is a bit of a problem, one I don't know what I want and two its going quite grey. Now a lot of people have asked me if I am dying my hair for the wedding, yes I have actually had phone calls especially to ask me about it. Does no-one like my silver streaks, my twinkly bits, my sparkly highlights? Do they not think that in the evening I will add that certain something when i'm glittering in the candlelight?  But the answer has to be no, I cant dye it. I have stress skin and I don't want to put chemicals anywhere near it and anyway personally I am far more worried about my face than my hair. The grey hair might make me look older but at the end of the day I could colour that, I cant do a thing about my face and that looks far more tired, faded and old...

I know everyone just wants me to feel and look fabulous and I think a lot of sleep may help that, but sadly sleep is one thing I am definitely lacking at the moment.

Anyway Holly had a go and I liked the end result. It will go well with my dress, it hides the grey up to a point and I do want curls. Obviously it will be neater on the day.

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