Sunday, 21 March 2010

I've done it....

Last Friday the 19th of March was officially my last day at work.  No more stressing every morning about going in, no more work stress at all actually, at least until I need to start making some money. Finally the dark circles under my eyes might start to fade, but I think that might be too much to ask.

Anyway, it was a strange day, one that i've been waiting for forever it seems and although really happy about going, there were still brief moments that I had little pangs of sadness. Saying goodbye to friends that I have made over the four years, even one I haven't actually met face to face, was the only regret I had about leaving.

I got some beautiful flowers delivered, with a lovely card.....

I got a lovely bouquet from Jody

And at lunchtime I found these and really had to have them for my future days on the allotment. The trouble is I really don't want to get them dirty.

I also got a lot of vouchers for WH Smiths for books and paints and I do love my books.

So to finish the day I went to Vicki's for a quiet drink, which unfortunately wasn't as quiet as it should been, especially for women our age. Kim, being sensible had a cup of tea and went home at a reasonable time and sober. But Vicki and I managed to drink our way through far too much red wine. I could add here a picture of later on in the evening, or it might have been Saturday morning for all I know, but I'm not going to, especially as I had no recollection of even taking my camera out, or getting home for that matter.  Still i'm teetotal again now, or at least definitely off the red wine forever.....

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