Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Rhiannon's hen night poem from me!

Its been a big build up
to get where we are,
lots of work, we've come really far.
We've been crafting for months
from cards to cake,
its nearly all done, very little to make.
Everything's ready
or more or less so,
only three more weeks and then its all go!

Rhiannon's hen night
is finally here,
lots of wine to drink, champagne and beer.
Everyone coming
will look rather silly,
eating and drinking and all very chilly.
Girls dressed as men
in turn dressed as girls,
lots of makeup and wigs with big curls.

Will we all make it
all evening and night,
getting back home as its getting light.
Who will be standing?
Who will be ill?
Who's head down the toilet, or who's awake still?
Who'll be up for breakfast,
all greasy and hot?
Will it be Rhiannon, no I think not!

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