Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Wedding update - 3 days to go!!

Cupcakes today - 100 of them. I really need to start being a bit neater in the kitchen, either that or a new house with a much bigger room to work in.

A few hours later.... actually the colours are brighter than the pictures show, white, green, pink and chocolate.

At 4 it was off to the nail bar for a relax, get our nails done and have a bit of fun. Rhiannon decided it was too cold though to even get her coat off. But then sadly she is a bit poorly today, oh dear!

But she seemed to enjoy herself anyway.

Emily decided it was more fun to spin around on the chairs.

But finally she did get round to having her nails done and unfortunately for her she got a bit of a miserable man to work with. He was definitely on the rough side and poor Safana ended up with him too, she actually had blood!

I managed to redo the cake ribbons too.

All sorted now, no more making to do for the wedding. Tomorrow is packing, bathing, plucking and going to the hotel for a girly night with the bridesmaids, then thats it, Friday is the big day. What we haven't done, it will be too late. What we haven't got, we will have to do without. 

Now i'm sure there will be a few hitches on Friday, but so what, as long as we all get there, everyone enjoys themselves, and the bride and groom have the day of their lives. It will be worth it, worth all the work, sleepless nights, sore fingers, stress and irritability. 

But what will I do with myself afterwards?

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