Monday, 29 March 2010

Wedding update - 5 days to go!!

Its been another busy couple of days, but today I needed to get on with decorating the cakes.

Now although I have done what I set out to achieve, I am not really happy with the results. For some reason that I can not understand I cut the icing incorrectly and now the ribbon does not sit properly. I'll have to think of a solution tomorrow, when I have a few more working brain cells.

But for today the cake looks like this......

For the top of the cake we had made some flowers to match Rhiannons bouquet, but i'm not sure about these either now. I might suggest we make some more like the bridesmaids bouquets to add colour.

What else have we done today.... We made the table names.

I also cooked a shepherds pie, only to find out that Jourdan would be working tonight and not home for dinner. I think I may turning into a house wife, I even got up this morning and cooked scrambled eggs for breakfast before school. I'll soon be making jam and wearing a nice house coat, with rollers in my hair if i'm not careful. Maybe not, I think the novelty of not going to work will wear off soon enough, at least before I get to the rollers stage.

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