Friday, 26 March 2010

My first week not working!

So this week was my first week not working. Well actually thats not a true statement, I have actually been working very hard, some might say harder than I worked for a paid salary. So what have I done this week...

Monday - I put the marzipan on four layers of wedding cake. Made a frittata for lunches. Made a lot more buttons for the cakes. Worked on and more or less finished one bag for my Folksy shop.

Tuesday - Cleared up the front garden, well both Roy and I did. Had my hair trimmed. Made more buttons and pearlised the lot. Finished a second bag, except the lining.

Wednesday - Iced all the cakes, although I did actually finish these as 6.30 a.m due to not sleeping, I am going to count it as part of my days work. Dug over an allotment bed. Oh and finally sorted the seating plan and about time too as the wedding is in one weeks time!

Thursday - Baked a banana loaf and then the real work began. I decided that it would be a good idea to spring clean the kitchen and adjoining dumping ground.  It makes me feel so good to get sorted in the house, especially when I haven't been finding the time previously and had actually got to the point where I wouldn't allow anyone in.  At the end of the day, or evening as it turned out, I had at least made a bit of a dent in it.

Friday - Went to the garage to get out my dresser that I put in there some time ago. I thought it was funny  carrying it back from the garage to the house (my garage is down the road) but Roy didn't see the funny side of it. Probably he didn't as I do seem to remove and bring back the same bits of furniture each time and its also funny how the bits I want to move are always at the back of the garage. Went to town to meet Jody and do a bit of last minute shopping for the wedding. Came home and carried on in the kitchen until finished.  I really like the dresser back in the kitchen (for the time being at least), even though its not yet complete. I've put all my jars of pulses on it, so at least I know now what i've got (they were hidden in a cupboard before) and they also add a bit of colour to the room. I might even get around to cooking with them.

I'm looking forward to finding other nice bits and pieces to add to it, hopefully we can find some at auctions, or I could always look in the garage at all the other previously packed up objet d'art.

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