Friday, 30 April 2010

A new house please!!

I thought that once I had left work my house would look like a shiny new pin. But no, it actually it looks worse than ever, a bit like a university art classroom. There are ongoing projects all over the place, bits of wool and cotton that have got caught on peoples feet and walked through each room, bits of paper that I've been making templates with, paint brushes in jars, books in piles and fabric in no order at all. And don't get me started on the dog, Labrador hair is just awful, it drifts across the floor like the weed in a western, no matter how much you brush him or sweep up after him. 

I need more room, or at least a room dedicated for my use only. My very own hobby room, or even better the dream house that I keep going on about with an outdoor garden room just for me. I can see it now, a pretty day bed, a kettle, lots of shelves for my books, an old cupboard for storing my fabric and a proper sewing table. I'd have roses and lavender growing outside and maybe a little porch with a rocking chair. Dream on I hear you say, we all want that. But I am determined that one day it will be mine and hopefully before I am too old to enjoy it too.  

Anyway enough of the moaning and daydreaming, today I managed to get some photos of my finished cardigan with my great niece wearing it, thank you Mia.

But I think my favourite has to be this one.

And now at least there is something new in my shop.

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