Sunday, 4 April 2010

The wedding - part 1

It is really difficult to know where to begin with writing this blog, so I have decided to do it in parts. 

The wedding for me, the bride, the groom's mum and the bridesmaids actually started on the Thursday evening, when we travelled to the hotel we would be staying in for a couple of nights in a little village called Charney Basset. Once off the motorway we hit the countryside and it was fantastic, everything I could wish for, for both the wedding accommodation and for my future dreams of a lifestyle (dream on!).

The villages we passed through were so picturesque, all thatched cottages and barns, village greens and of course the wonderful little country pubs. 

Obviously we did arrive much later than expected, so our relaxing girly night in wasn't quite as relaxing as it should have been. It didn't end up an early night either. 

Choosing rooms was fun and taking 5 minutes to open a couple of cards was a must.

We booked a table in the pub for 7.30 and only just made it, but the pub itself and the food was wonderful. 

There were last minute cards to be written before diner too.

We consumed a couple of bottles of wine with the meal and I had one of the best steaks, cooked to perfection, that I have ever eaten.

After dinner everyone reconvened in my and Emily's room for face packs and makeup trials. Two types of masks were on offer, a peel off and a self heating.

Minna, the groom's mum, chose the peel.

Emily chose the self heating. Good choice as it goes, 1 you only had to leave it on for 5 minutes, 2 it washed right off and 3 it looked great!

I too chose the peel and after 20 minutes I was still picking bits out of my hair and getting slightly worried that I would lose some eyebrow.

At nearly 12 o'clock, everyone was sent to bed.

Emily woke me up at 6.30 trying to quieten my snoring apparently, me snore, never. So after making a cup of tea I took a walk up the lane for a quick look around before all hell broke out. It was beautiful, apart from the rain clouds that were gathering with a vengeance. I really wish I could have captured the noise, or lack of it really. The only sounds were the birds, sheep and cows. Oh to wake up to that every morning.

The view from outside my bedroom.

Down the lane a little bit.

And on the way back.

I have a story to tell about the lovely family that live in the house below, but that will have to wait until a bit later on, as the lady that lives here has a big part to play in the early evening of the actual wedding party!!

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