Friday, 23 April 2010

Can I have a pea please?

I can't tell you how much I am enjoying life not being at work. I get up every morning and can't wait to see whats sprouting each day, or how much each seedling has grown. Its quite sad really especially when I shout in from the garden "Look Roy, come and see! we've got a pea shoot". The first one popped up on Monday and now each day they are getting bigger and better. A couple of weeks and we will have pea shoots for our salads. Not bad from a £0.24 box of dried peas from Tesco.

We've been working on the allotment and have dug up most of the remaining parsnips, I don't know how many kilo's we have but a lot are now in the freezer and some I have made into a pie. A parsnip, cabbage and apple pie, which sounds weird even to me, but the smell of the mixture is lovely. I'll update on the taste when we've eaten it and if any good I'll add the recipe. We still have a whole bucket load of parsnips to deal with over the next couple of days and I can feel a soup coming on as well as some parsnip and sage bread. 

Whats also been great this week is that I have hardly had to shop at all, I needed an apple for the pie but everything else was here. I made bread when we ran out of the shop bought and a feta and pea frittata from the eggs that are supplied fresh each day. I'm going to try my hand at home made yoghurt soon to go with the granola I also made this week. We've been eating sprouted pulses each day, which I love and generally we are getting a much healthier diet now that there is more time to think about cooking.

I've been doing some crocheting and made a little cardigan for my shop, but first I need to borrow a small child to model it, just as well I know one as I had no intention of stealing one.

I've also started a headband for Rhiannon, in the colours requested.

On the downside there are bills to pay and one of the big expenses is the car. We had to buy four and yes I do mean four new tyres this morning to get it ready for the MOT. But looking on the bright side I got to walk around the pond in the industrial estate while we waited.

I have to say I never realised how noisy geese were, maybe they will be taken of my list of future animals I want once I get my land.

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