Monday, 12 April 2010


I've had some sad news in the garden today, but I haven't found a body, so maybe its not as bad as it seems.

There is, or was, a pair of collared doves that has been frequenting the garden, for the chicken feed and not the view I'm presuming and I've really looked forward to seeing them everyday. They have been lovely to watch, especially when they would fly down off the fence, when the chickens backs were turned, to grab a bite to eat. 

This morning though I went out only to be greeted with a layer of feathers covering a pretty large area of what should be grass and can only surmise that it is in fact left overs of one of the collared doves. Feeling quite sad I collected up a lot of the feathers, mostly so that I didn't have to see them every time I ventured outside but also because, although plain in colour, they are actually quite beautiful.

Rhiannon came over and was pretty horrified to find the feathers in a jar on the dresser. 

Maybe she thought I'd finally lost it, but actually I just wanted to take some pictures.

I quite like them too.

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