Monday, 5 April 2010

The wedding - part 3

So married and off for their photographs, time to move the room around:- once everyone had vacated to the bar area. I am a bit disappointed that I didn't get a chance to socialise at this point and have to now rely on photographs taken by other members of the family.

Look, the sun shone down on us, quite literally. 

Emily started off as she meant to carry on

Some of the Allerton girls.

Some of the Allerton men.

Father and daughter

Now it happened to be Jourdans 17th birthday on the wedding day and so he got a very special present from Rhiannon and Emily. Jourdan was the only member of the wedding party with a top hat.  

Here he is with Grandma and Grandad looking very dapper. Oh and don't the button holes look great!

Changing the room around was actually harder than it should have been, as we could remove one table and therefore merge two others. I have to admit I did get a bit stressy at this point and also a bit snappy.  It also meant that our table planner board was incorrect, but oh well we knew there would be hitches and as it goes this was just a small one. Anyway everyone managed to find their way to their own seats.

Rhiannon and Mark welcomed everyone back into the main room for dinner. Now, anyone who knows Emily knows that she doesn't like to be touched. So here she is being welcomed in, mind you she looks quite happy about it.

The quality of the following photographs is quite bad I'm afraid.

Dinner was lovely.  We had a hog roast with a whole pig, a whole lamb and a very large salmon that we had cooked the day before. Everyone must have enjoyed the food as the lamb and salmon completely disappeared with no seconds being offered. There was some pork left over for the evening. Then it was time to cut the cake for desert.

And then onto the speeches

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