Tuesday, 6 April 2010

The wedding - part 4

Roy kicked off the speeches and it was lovely. It was also at this point that Rhiannon became quite emotional, actually a number of people did.

Excerpt from speech.

'We are very proud of the fine young women Rhiannon has become but she is still, to me, my little girl and I still can't get used to the idea that she is here today getting married. It feels like only yesterday that I was reading her bedtime stories like Mucky Mabel, The Vegetable Thieves and The Twits over and over and over again. 
Rhiannon looks absolutely stunning and i'm sure we will all long remember the 'Beautiful Button Bride'. 
After the speeches the band arrived and it was time to again move the room around for the evening event. It was at this point that I had to leave the wedding to go and collect my car from the hotel. After arriving at the wedding Roy did let me know that I shouldn't have got in the taxi at all, as I was supposed to drive there and leave the car in the car park, in order that we could pack it up later that night, oops.

So my dad drove me the 20 minutes back to the hotel to collect my car. I let myself into my hotel room and low and behold I had left my car keys at the venue, oh and my phone too! No problem I would knock on the pub door and they would let me use their phone, was there was anybody in? No there was not. Getting slightly stressed at this point, thinking I would be spending all night in my room and not sure anyone would notice I hadn't gone back to the wedding, I knocked on more doors. Living in a quiet village obviously has some advantages, but I really couldn't see them at the moment. No-one and I mean no-one was at home.

Do you remember the picture from the first part of my blog, the family that lived there had been out walking their dog and arrived home just as I was really starting to panic. I knocked and explained my situation and asked if I could use their phone to ring the venue. 'No problem dear' she said 'Come in, calm down and have a nice cup of tea'.  Sorted, it would all be ok, someone would bring over my keys and I'd get a cup of tea in the mean time wouldn't I?  No again, the venue was not answering and I could only leave a message, no point doing that if they wouldn't pick it up until tomorrow. 

But this lovely lady drove me all the way back to the venue to collect my keys and back again to the hotel. Not accepting cash, all I could thank her with was a few pieces of what was left of the cake. But I was so grateful. I also looked really lovely by this point, I was all dressed up but wearing my short lace up boots to run up and down the muddy lane, great, it was also at this point running back to her car that Rhiannon stopped me to introduce me to her friend, she must have thought I was a complete weirdo, frazzled, hair clips dropping out and the boots!

Anyway eventually after an hour and a half I was back, the band were set up and the first dance was about to start. Oh and people hadn't realised I had been missing.

Then the party really got started.

The band were great, everything was brilliant. But time to set up the buffet.

The cheese cake centre piece.

In situ, with home made chutneys.

I have to say I have never seen so much food disappear so quickly. Not only the cheese but also all the left over salads, pork, a couple of kilos of biscuits and 20 french sticks, well at least there would be more room in the car.

Just the clearing up to do at the end. Roy and I worked our little socks off and managed to get away and back to the hotel at 1:30, everyone else was all tucked up and asleep. Obviously apart from the bridesmaids and ushers who kept going at their hotel until to wee small hours. How glad I am that we were not staying anywhere near them... 

A fabulous wedding, which was enjoyed by everyone, but especially the bride and groom. I have received some really lovely messages since and I'm sure Rhiannon will hear more once she gets home from her mini-moon. What we wanted to achieve was something a little bit different and it all worked out perfectly.

A message from my brother.

Hi Sally, Just wanted to let you know what a fantastic time we had at the wedding yesterday. You did a great job & it was obvious how much hard work & artistic flair you had put into its planning. I think you created some wonderful memories for Rhiannon & Mark!.
About sums it up I think. 

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