Monday, 5 April 2010

The wedding - part 2

After my walk I went back to the room and Minna arrived to have a shower. She couldn't use her own bathroom as we had commandeered it to steam the wrinkles out of Rhiannon's dress. If only it was that easy for my face. 

Everything seemed very relaxed up to a certain point, which hit a bit later. My niece Holly arrived to do Rhiannon's and my hair and makeup and a lovely job she did too. The bridesmaids had to all help each other.

All was going pretty smoothly and then Holly got a phone call from Amelia, my other niece who had come over all the way from America to do the photography. Amelia was letting Holly know that her little girl was very ill, but she would do all that she could to get there. I have to say Rhiannon stayed very calm, when the realisation hit that we may not have any pictures of the wedding. It was then though that panic did start to set in with me. But Amelia said she would be there at 11 and my sister would stay home to look after her daughter. You've no idea how grateful I was at that, even though it meant that my sister would not be able to see Rhiannon get married.

I was the first to be ready. Hair and makeup all done, dress and shoes on. How did I look and feel? Ok I think, Holly worked pretty hard on covering up the shadows under my eyes and the hair looked great. Now I'm not one to show any cleavage, but boy it looked like I was going for it today. No worries though I did at least have my wrap to hide in. Whilst at this point I should point out that I do not have any photographs of myself, its not that I just didn't bother adding one. 

 All this was going on and Roy was at the venue, unloading the cars with cakes, boards, food, name settings and the decorations.

Time was running out rapidly, Amelia came at 12.30, Roy came to get changed and my dad arrived to pick Rhiannon up and so I didn't even get a chance to take a few pictures of Rhiannon all ready, just the one, with Emily lacing her in...

She looked beautiful and amazing. Elegant, serene and very, very slim. The bridesmaids too, all looked lovely and the button bouquets looked fantastic with the dresses.

Rhiannon was also supposed to be wearing her veil now, but the shop had ordered the wrong one! At the end of the day she didn't need it and I personally think the dress did look lovelier without one to hide the back.

Everyone was rushing around at this point, the rain was torrential, the taxi was waiting to take the bridesmaids etc to the venue and I was rushed into the cab and we were on our way.

Everyone was seated when I arrived, just in time and the ceremony started very soon after. It was lovely, the nicest ceremony I have ever been to and that's not just because it was my daughters wedding. The registrar was great and it was definitely a celebration of Rhiannon's and Mark's marriage and fun too. Rhiannon had the giggles, Emily left her reading in the back and had to borrow a copy off the registrar, but eventually they were man and wife.

A very proud family


My little girl a married woman.

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