Sunday, 25 April 2010

The third hottest London Marathon!!

Today is supposed to be one of the three hottest London Marathons ever! 

It looks like the weather men have got it wrong again though as I've got up this morning and its raining, the first rain in two weeks actually.  I'm sure the cooler weather will make things easier for the runners but we had plans today based on the sunshine we were promised and running was definitely not one of the things on my agenda. 

First thing this morning we are going to a car boot sale, if I can get Jourdan out of bed to come with me that is. I'm looking for fabric and china. The fabric can come from any garment really, as after a wash I want to have a go at making a rag rug. The china I want to break up and mosaic a table for the garden. I've figured that its all very well having plants and flowers again, but why not have pretty furniture out there as well, I might even go as far as making some cushions for the bench, one day. 

We've also been invited to Rhiannon's for a barbecue this afternoon. Maybe it will be an indoor one again, just Mark standing outside in the rain, lonely and cold, cooking with the rest of us watching him through the patio window, cheering him on, enjoying a glass of wine and keeping dry. Or maybe it will brighten up over the next few hours and be glorious, yeah right!

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